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Ethiopia Sidamo

 “Ethiopia Sidamo” is the coffee with all the unique colours and flavours of East Africa.

The 100% Arabica beans harvested on the Ethiopian plateau provide a particularly fragrant coffee with an attractive hazelnut-colour cream. This coffee has a rich, rounded flavour, with subtle notes of citrus giving it a special brilliance.


Made exclusively from organically grown
Arabica, Sostenibile coffee beans are produced following the rules of UTZ, the certification
that covers agricultural techniques and the management of agricultural
companies and focus especially on verifying the environmental sustainability of
their processes.. The careful selection of quality Arabica beans from South
America endows this coffee with an unmistakeable aroma and fragrance.


After being ground, this blend of beans allows you to obtain an excellent coffee, characterised by a particularly rich aroma, where the roasted fragrance blends perfectly with the scents of flowers and dried fruit and with light spicy hints. The cream is not too dark a colour and is persistent with a good texture. On the palate, it is a coffee with soft tones, with a slight acidity typical of Arabica beans, not too bitter and with a delicate, persistent taste. Perfect for those who love particularly scented, suave blends, it is a top quality product suitable for both the barman wanting to offer an excellent 100% Arabica coffee and consumers who love this kind of coffee and prefer to grind their own beans.